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2 jul. 2010

Pentaho Comunity Meeting, Portugal 2010

Ya está convocada la III Edición del Evento de desarrolladores de Pentaho. A los dos anteriores en Mainz (Alemania) y Barcelona ya acudimos (ver resumen de Mainz y Barcelona), y esperamos que este Septiembre se anime mucha más gente, pues supone estar en contacto directo con los desarrolladores, compartir cervezas (muchas) y ver las novedades y roadmaps....

Este año en Cascais el 24 y 25 de Septiembre.

¿Nos vamos a Portugal? Nosotros estaremos

Pentaho Community Gathering - Portugal 2010

Welcome to Portugal!
We are very pleased to have you guys this year visiting our beautiful country, in particular the Village of Cascais.
Portugal has a fantastic weather in the summer, bring your bathing suits if you think you will have time to go to the beaches of Cascais.
If you are staying for a few more days, visiting Lisbon and Sintra is a “must do”.
We hope you all have a great time in Portugal!

Friday 24th September

Starting at 9:00 pm – meeting at “Largo de Camões” in the beautiful village of Cascais
04:00 am – Find a joint that sells something to eat
04:30 am – Drag Tom to the hotel

Saturday 25th September

10:00 am – Hotel Albatroz Cascais – presentations
13:00 pm – Lunch TBD
15:00 pm – Back to Hotel Albatroz – presentations cont.
16:30 pm – Coffe break at the meeting room and terrace
17:00 pm – Presentations cont.
18:30 pm – End of presentations
20:00 pm – Dinner – TDB

Presentation List:

Here’s the current list - Please don’t worry about the length. If you feel there’s something worth sharing, please do. Can be 30 minutes or 3 minutes. Just say so and we’ll add you to the list

* webdetails team - CDA, CDF, CDE… we’ll think of something
* Tom Barber and Paul Stoellberger - PAT stuff
* Matt Casters - Kettle stuff
* Aaron Philips - Plugins and extension points
* Doug Moran
* Dan (Codek) - Approaches to implementations and methodology
* Jos Van Dongen - Data Mining
* Rolan Bouman

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