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15 mar. 2012

What if Analysis sample

One of the things we like of working with Open Source BI Solutions like Pentaho is that we can improve some features as clients demands.

We´ve implemented in some organizations a simple way to make 'what if' analysis. We´ve created a simple sample of this using Champions League Dashboards. We can create our Ideal 11 players depending on several measures you can modify and play with them.

Imagine this feature instead of players, applied to profit and loss, sales, product costs.... in a company

2 comentarios:

Sam Kumar dijo...

Hi ,
Can you please provide me some more detail how we can create the what if analysis in pentaho

Anónimo dijo...

this is a really impressive application
I am also trying to implement What IF in my pentaho application
It would be of great help if you could tell if you used any rest API of pentaho for What IF or some other approach that you have followed for this