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Apuntate al Master en Big Data y Machine Learning en Perú!!

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Pentaho Analytics. Un gran salto

Ya se ha lanzado Pentaho 8 y con grandes sorpresas. Descubre con nosotros las mejoras de la mejor suite Open BI

La mejor oferta de Cusos Open Source

Después de la gran acogida de nuestros Cursos Open Source, eminentemente prácticos, lanzamos las convocatorias de 2018

31 may. 2012

Using Pentaho with MongoDB

Installing MongoDB and creating a Pentaho Report Video Tutorial

Are you ready for the era of big data? If you happen to use Pentaho Suite, don’t hesitate and reply Yes! 
Last week the well-known Open Source software company headquartered in Orlando announced a partnership program with 10gen (MongoDB provider). 

By virtue of this agreement MongoDB users have an integrated visual environment to deploy, manage, report, visualize and explore big data. Furthermore, Pentaho’s visual interface enables up to a ten-fold productivity improvement for developing and managing big data storage and analysis solutions. 
I strongly recommend you watch this video to understand how the document-oriented storage engine from MongoDB works and new Pentaho Data Integration components. 

Webinar today hosted by Pentaho: Delivering World-Class Big Data Analytics with MongoDB and Pentaho 10:00a.m PT / 2:00p.m ET

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