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Lanzados ppts informativos de tecnologías BigData: Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, Zookeeper...

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Diseño multidimensional, OLAP, ETL, visualización, open source, Pentaho...

Pentaho Analytics. Un gran salto

Ya se ha lanzado Pentaho 7 y con grandes sorpresas. Descubre con nosotros las mejoras de la mejor suite Open BI

La mejor oferta de Cusos Open Source

Después de la gran acogida de nuestros Cursos Open Source, eminentemente prácticos, lanzamos las convocatorias de 2017

10 ago. 2016

Try the power of Business Intelligence Open Source

We show below, OhmyData, an example of application built with Open Source Business Intelligence (Pentaho, Mondrian, Kettle, dc.js, mysql... ) by the team Stratebi, as an example of the possibilities of these tools, without paying licenses that are having great success in the Bi market

As a special feature, they had to take into account the large volume of data which needed a good design and optimization model

The application offers a great number of features :

- OLAP , Dashboards and Reporting Analysis predefined
- Dashboards 'Data Discovery'
- Possibility for the user their own analysis OLAP, Dashboards and Reports
- Integration with geospatial maps ...
Below, some pictures and a video of the application:

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