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Lanzados ppts informativos de tecnologías BigData: Hadoop, Hbase, Hive, Zookeeper...

Apuntate al Master en Big Data y Machine Learning en Perú!!

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Pentaho Analytics. Un gran salto

Ya se ha lanzado Pentaho 8 y con grandes sorpresas. Descubre con nosotros las mejoras de la mejor suite Open BI

La mejor oferta de Cusos Open Source

Después de la gran acogida de nuestros Cursos Open Source, eminentemente prácticos, lanzamos las convocatorias de 2018

31 may. 2017

Create Dashboards in minutes with Open Source

Just a sneak preview of new functionalities we are including in Pentaho in order end user can create their own powerful dashboards in minutes. We call it STDashboard, by our colleagues of Stratebi.

These new functionalities include: new templates, panel resize, drag and drop, remove and create panels, Pentaho 7 upgrade...

As always and as other Pentaho plugins we´ve created (STPivot, STCard and STReport), they are free and included in all of our projects. Check the Demo Pentaho Online, where all new components are updated frequently

It's also part of the predefined BI Open Source based solution, LinceBI

You can use it too, directly in your own projects, including configuration, training and support with our help

Video in action (Dashboards in minutes):

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